Advanced Electric Power Conversion Laboratory

Research Projects

[F8] Compensation decomposition and synthesis for capacitive power transfer systems, Shanghai sailing program (19YF1433700), PI, 2019-2022.

[F7] Optimal power distribution for MHz multiple-receiver WPT systems, Shanghai natural science foundation, 2016-2018.

[F6] High-efficiency high-power-density 110V/24V dc/dc modules, CRRC, 2016-2017.

[F5] WPT-based voltage equalizer for on-board batteries, Huawei, 2015-2016.

[F4] Optimal load control for wireless power transfer systems based on DC/DC converters, Intel, 2014.

[F3] Design of a power amplifier for MHz wireless power transfer systems, Intel, 2013.

[F2] Development of wireless charging system for supercapacitor-based vehicle, Beijing Jiao Tong Univ., 2013.

[F1] Evaluation and optimization of MHz wireless power transfer systems for PC, Intel, 2013.

45W Wireless Fast Charger (Ongoing)
Onmidirectional WPT (On-going)
One-RX WPT-Based Voltage Equalizer (P5)
Full-Wave Class E Rectifier for WPT
Planar N-RX WPT System (P7)
13.56 MHz WPT System (P1,P2,P3)
300W GaN-Based DC/DC Module (P6)

Input : 64 V~160 V;  Output: 24 V;    

Footprint: quarter brick; Controller: TMS28027;

Peak Effi.: 95.8%;  Power density: 188 W/inch3.

N-RX WPT-Based Equalizer (P5)
Class E2 WPT System
Coupling Analysis for N-Coil System (P7)
13.56 MHz Wireless Charging Model Car (Capstone)