Advanced Electric Power Conversion Laboratory

Name: Minfan Fu


School of Info. Science and Tech.

ShanghaiTech University

Room 202C, SIST Building 2

393 Middle Huaxia Road

Pudong, Shanghai 201210

Tel: +86-021-20684455

A journal paper is accepted by IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron.

M. Fu*, C. Fei, Y. Yang, Q. Li,and Fred C.Lee, A GaN-Based DC/DC Module for Railway Applications: Design Consideration and High Frequency Digital Control", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.


This paper develops a 200W two-stage rail grade dc/dc module based on gallium-nitride devices. It converts a wide input voltage (64V-160V) to a constant output voltage (24 V). Different devices and topologies are evaluated for the target application, based on which a two-stage configuration is proposed. The first stage is a two-phase regulated buck converter working under critical mode (>400 kHz), which is followed by an unregulated 48V/24V LLC converter (2 MHz) for 3000-V dc isolation. The voltage regulation is discussed for the buck converter when the inductors are negatively coupled, and then the ZVS extension is explored. However, due to the limitation of the digital controller, a trade-off is made between the dynamic response and the footprint. The compromise solution is to use a small and slow micro controller for high frequency control (including voltage regulation, critical mode operation, phase interleaving) and various demands (including soft start-up, external communication, and various protections). Finally, all the required functions are verified in a standalone quarter-brick prototype module. It can achieve 95.1% peak efficiency and 130W/in3 power density.